The 125.8130S and 125.8110S reset units

A 125.8110S unit

125.8130S Summary

The 125.8130S pushbutton unit functions as a 'reset' switch in a WM-00 setup. The button is connected to a WM-00 unit with three wires (four if a buzzer is installed in the button unit). When a call is set on this WM-00 unit (using one of the 'set' devices), the led on the 125.8110S unit will light up. Pressing the button will then reset the alarm.
A 125.0002 buzzer unit The 125.8110S is identical to the 125.8130S, but with a buzzer added. The buzzer will sound when a call is made on this WM-00. The buzzer can be assembled for either high or low volume.
A seperate buzzer is also available (part number 125.0002), for upgrading an existing 125.8130S. Make sure to connect the buzzer-wire on the 125.8130S units during installation if you intend to add buzzers in a later stage.

125.8110S Wiring Scheme
The 125.8110S wiring scheme

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