KY-05 technical specifications


Parameter Value
Typical operating voltage 12V AC / 16V AC
Maximum operating voltage 16V AC / 22V DC
Typical power dissipation (without powering an external lock) XXX VA
Max. number of user keys (excl. 1 Master key) 30
Duration of power-up beep 50 ms
Duration of 'Invalid key detected' beep 1.5 s
Duration of relay opening pulse 2 s
Duration of relay closing pulse 1 s
Hold time after opening pulse generated by an electronic key 1 s
Hold time after opening pulse generated by the Sesame contact 12 s
Settling time after door was opened 0.5 s
Silence before the first door-open reminder beep 60 s
Silence between consecutive door-open reminder beeps 10 s
Duration of door-open reminder beeps 35 ms
Settling time after door was closed 0.5 s
Max. master-user / user-master interval when adding/removing keys 2 s
Duration of 'Add/del key OK' beep 150 ms
Required reset-contact hold after powerup to clear memory 1 s
Hardwired option 1: Change max. time allowed between disarming the alarm and openening the door to 15 secs instead of 3 secs as far as keys are concerned.
Hardwired option 2: Disable the reminder beeps.

Different settings are available on request.

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